Unlock Private Capital For Growth From A Streamlined And Efficient Venue

A platform where startups and private companies can access a robust network of investors to fuel their growth ambitions by facilitating strategic financing opportunities for businesses to secure the necessary capital to scale operations, develop innovative products, and expand market reach.


Access Debt And Equity Capital For Startups And Private Companies’ Growth

Private companies can raise both debt and equity capital to support various business objectives. Whether you're seeking financing for acquisitions, working capital, or strategic initiatives, our platform offers the right solution. By connecting with investors interested in supporting private companies, businesses can access the capital they need to thrive.


Our Creative Innovation Lab Provides Training, Mentorship, Funding And Grant Support

Startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can access funding from a global network of investors. Whether they are looking to fund product development, expand your market reach, or scale your operations, our platform provides the resources and support needed to succeed. Startups and SMEs can showcase their potential to investors and secure the capital necessary to fuel growth and innovation.


A New Platform For Creating Private Digital Tokens

A solution for fractionalising tangible assets and private companies' securities into digital tokens. Through our platform, issuers can tokenise their assets, representing ownership or shares digitally. This process involves converting physical assets or traditional securities into blockchain-based tokens, which are then traded on our secure digital marketplace. This innovative approach provides an avenue to increased liquidity, and broader access to capital.


Simplified Process Of Listing And Managing Digital Securities By Connecting With A Robust Network Of Finance Professionals.

Seamless Connections: Easily connect with key finance facilitators, including Issuing Houses, Trustees, Legal Firms, Credit Rating Agencies, and Depositories.
Expert Appraisal: Thoroughly evaluate your securities by any of the Member Issuing House.
Marketplace Listing: List your securities on the FGX Private Exchange, ensuring maximum visibility.
Targeted Distribution: Effectively market and distribute your digital securities to a wide range of investors.
Custodial Services: Rely on Member Depository for secure and reliable custodial services.
Trust Management: Member Trustee manages the terms of trust deeds within our platform, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Ready to Unlock the world of Private Market Investing?

Join Fundgate Global Private Markets today and experience a world of possibilities in the private markets. Whether you're an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, a startup seeking growth, or an innovator with a vision, we're here to empower your journey.

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