Capital formation and business support in an exclusive ecosystem

Entrepreneurs and private businesses can access finance facilitators in a streamlined, efficient and transparent marketplace. This offers both governance and market organisation in a fragmented private capital market, in addition it provides investors access to alternative investments.

FGX Private Exchange

Exclusive private digital securities exchange, a venue for private companies’ securities issuance and trade

A marketplace that offers access to primary issuance and secondary trading of private companies’ securities with ease, improving liquidity through the development of a secondary market with reduced friction and trading costs. The platform offers transparency in addition to a diverse range of alternative investments

Creative Innovation Lab

An innovation and acceleration programme for training, mentorship, funding and grant support

Startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can access funding from a global network of investors. Whether they are looking to fund product development, expand market reach, or scale operations, our platform provides the resources and support needed to succeed. Startups and SMEs can showcase their potential to investors and secure the capital necessary to fuel growth and innovation.
Small Biz

private markets intelligence

Proprietary data analytics and Market Research empower Informed Investors

Access to exclusive insights into private companies, offering unique advantages for investors seeking well informed investments opportunities, and leveraging comprehensive data analytics to uncover hidden insights and trends. Members and the general market can also access in-depth research reports and analysis for informed investment decisions.

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