How It Works

Explore a venue for listing private digital securities as alternative investments

The private digital securities exchange revolutionises capital raising, enabling entrepreneurs and private businesses to fractionalise assets for broader investor access. It ensures regulatory compliance, liquidity, and transparency, fostering innovation and democratising private capital markets for growth and opportunity in the digital economy.

How it Works

01 Exploration

Initiate your journey by registering and creating a comprehensive profile tailored to your investment goals according to membership categories. You will select a list of intermediaries that will support your transaction.  Access an extensive array of private market investment opportunities spanning diverse sectors and global regions. Efficiently explore prospects aligned with your criteria using our intuitive platform tools.

02 Engagement

Interact directly within our platform ecosystem. Investors can express interest, conduct thorough due diligence, and engage with entrepreneurs and private companies, along with other platform members fostering valuable connections. Leverage data-driven insights for informed investment decisions, ensuring transparency and reliability throughout.

03 Marketplace Listing

Issuers will require to list their {} on the platform, which will have to be  in conjunction with the issue house list the securities for the investors to invest in, successful investors will be notified

04 Post Investment

Post-investment, entrepreneurs and private companies gain access to a wealth of resources, mentorship, in addition to intermediaries and service providers, facilitating trust and growth. Investors receive regular updates on their alternative investments’ performance. Execute secure transactions through our platform, providing a stable and transparent investment environment. Explore our educational resources, including webinars, guides, and expert insights, empowering yourself with knowledge essential for successful private market investing.

Fundgate Global is more than just an investment platform; we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of private markets. We are committed to helping you achieve your investment goals, whether you're an entrepreneur, a private company looking for funding, or an investor seeking alternative investment opportunities.

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