Fundgate Global Private Markets is an online and membership-based platform

Fundgate Global is an online and membership-based private digital securities exchange that promotes capital formation. Members are divided into four categories: Investors, Intermediaries (Issuing Houses, Trustees, Depositories. and Credit Rating Agencies), Service Providers (legal firms, auditors, asset valuers, logistics companies, and others), and Entrepreneurs/Private Companies.


Access alternative investment opportunities and a secondary market

Investors are integral participants on Fundgate Global, providing capital to finance the growth and development of businesses. They include individual and institutional investors seeking opportunities to diversify their investment portfolios and generate returns. Investors have access to a wide range of digital securities issued by entrepreneurs and private companies across various industries and sectors. Through Fundgate Global, investors can discover new investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and participate in capital raising activities, contributing to the growth and success of businesses while potentially earning attractive returns on their investments.


Offer of strong governance principles in addition to market organisation

Intermediaries are essential entities that bridge the gap between issuers and investors on Fundgate Global. This category includes issuing houses, trustees, depositories, and credit rating agencies. Issuing houses assist companies in structuring and executing securities offerings, while trustees safeguard investors' interests by upholding and maintaining the terms of the trust deeds on their behalf. Depositories provide safekeeping services for digital securities, ensuring secure and efficient settlement of transactions. Credit rating agencies assess the creditworthiness of issuers, providing valuable information to investors for making informed investment decisions. These intermediaries contribute to the trust and transparency of the platform, facilitating seamless transactions between issuers and investors.

Service providers

An inclusive platform that provides support services to businesses

Service providers on Fundgate Global play a crucial role in facilitating the smooth operation of capital formation activities. These include legal firms, auditors, asset valuers, logistics companies, and other professionals. Legal firms offer expertise in regulatory compliance and contract drafting, while auditors ensure financial transparency and compliance with accounting standards. Asset valuers provide accurate assessments of company assets, and logistics companies assist in the efficient movement of goods and services. Together, these service providers contribute to the integrity and efficiency of the capital formation process on Fundgate Global.


Opportunities On An Innovative Platform For Capital Raise

Entrepreneurs and private companies leverage Fundgate Global as a platform to raise capital and fuel their growth ambitions. Whether seeking funding for expansion, research and development, or strategic initiatives, entrepreneurs and private companies can access a global network of investors and intermediaries to support their capital formation efforts. By issuing digital securities on Fundgate Global, entrepreneurs gain access to a diverse pool of capital while maintaining control over their businesses' ownership and strategic direction. Fundgate Global provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to navigate the capital markets and achieve their business objectives.

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